Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Domino Effect - More About Predetermination

Predetermination is based on the Domino Effect which represents the connection between everything and everyone. When one domino piece falls, it affects the next one which hits the next one...etc. One thing leads to another and each situation we are in is the middle place where thousands of other end results meet. 

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Let's start at the beginning...

When you are born you are though that "the whole world is in front of you". On theory you can accomplish anything at that age, but this is not the case at all. Who you are has been predetermined long before you were born. You character is not something you choose - the same way your height is not something you choose. If that was the case, everybody would have chosen to own the "coolest character". Your character is affected deeply by factors you don't control. You country, family, neighborhood and the historical period you were born in form your character. 

If you are born in a poor African country, the chances of becoming a famous golf player like Tiger Woods, whose father started him training at a very young age, are pretty slim to non-existent. Chances are you won't even know what golf is, if that was the case. Is Tiger Woods any special compared to anybody else? No. He was just in the right place, in the right time and had the opportunity to get to where he is. Did he work for it? Yes, he did, but he did so because he had the chance to. He was in a favorable environment which facilitated his development as an icon in the MATRIX we live in. He is paid millions of dollars each month to represent NIKE and hit a stupid ball. On the other hand there are thousands of people who work also for NIKE and get paid 1 dollar a day. What did they do wrong in this life? You can try to downplay the role of the environment as much as you want - you will fail. 

When people argue with me about predetermination they tend of oversimplify the matter. Their idea is that if everything is predetermined, there's no need to do anything. That's not the case. The true predetermination is an intelligently created and disguised phenomenon. It's hidden very well at the best place to hide something - right before people's eyes. People live their whole lives thinking they have unlimited control over things they don't. This has both good sides and bad sides. The good sides are that you are more likely to accomplish something, if your self-confidence is higher and you think highly of your skills and abilities. The bad sides consist in frustration and self-hatred. Every day the success of other people is pushed in your face. People you are supposed to love, people like Tiger Woods is what's been accepted as success. When you understand that the reason for their success is mostly predetermined you will immediately appreciate yourself much more. When common people understand that factor, they are no longer common.

Unlike what people think predetermination does not require a static behavior. The fact that most of our lives are sort of pre-planned does not mean that you should do nothing and leave everything to "chance". No. My understanding is that this live is a learning process which can be represented as a train everybody has to travel on. Trains have one direction and are "slaves" to the track. The train goes where the track says. If it goes outside of the margin, there's a penalty and a possible train wreck.

Where is the train going? I don't know.But if life has taught us something, it's that the journey is what matters the most and all roads lead to one CHECK OUT.


  1. Hey man I commented on your stronglifts post

  2. Check out equals the end.Nobody is making it out of this world alive.This has been predetermined.

  3. Should have added that that is all that is predetermined.

  4. How about progressive loading? Surely if I can bench (wide grip) 50lbs more than what I can last month. I will have a bigger chest right?

    1. Without cheating and with the same range of motion

      - thats what i said

    2. Yes, you need to add weight overtime.

  5. Hey Irongangster, since you are putting all the cards on the table, lets just continue.

    Now it all makes sense.

    For many months I was wondering y you were so close minded against ANYONE being able to build a body naturally. ALL these guys who you say are on drugs, some were (I am a trained observer from all of my years in bodybuilding) and many were NOT on drugs.

    Because of your own limitations, you are convinced that NO ONE is able to build a good body without drugs.

    You need to stop all the limiting views and thinkings, it is becoming chronic.

    Now you are taking things down another rabbit hole all together with this predetermination and everything in stone, every decision you make is already determined. That is the biggest pile of shit EVER!
    You are the one who writes the script of your life!

    Now decide what the fuck you want to do, and do it!

    Stop the bullshit buddy!

    You are obviously a smart cat, and a deep thinker, but stop the toxic thoughts and become that vision you have in your mind of who and what you want to be. As a man thinketh so he will become.

    1. What bullshit?

      Everybody with a good body that is famous is on steroids. FINE. I have no problem with that. In fact, I like it.

      I am just informing the people that are unaware. That's all.


    2. Of course not everyone is on steroids, altough if I had to guess, many of the celebrities who are represented as role models, are. But natural talent does make a huge difference. It only makes sense, that if there are people who are natural hardgainers, who have to fight for every pound on the scale and the bar, then there are also those who are easy gainers.

      I just today read Mike Tyson's autobiography. There was a picture of him at thirteen, he was already bigger than most grown men. I doubt he was doing steroids at that point.

      Of course, also alot of the stuff you wrote about life being predetermined is also true. I think as children, everything might as well be predetermined. Children lack the life experience to make sense of the potential consequenses of the events happening to them.

      There are many things I wish I had done differently as a child, but at that age you still trust the world. And you are kind of trapped in your family/country/gender/whatever. And the shit that happens to you as child has effects on your adulthood. That feels kind of unfair, but you can't change the past, you can only try to accept it, if possible.

  6. Whats your opinion on the chest fly machine?

    1. Ok. It's not complete shit. Why do u like it?

    2. No access to a bench

    3. In that case it's a shit exercise.

      1.Do dips and push-ups.

  7. thef0rtress said that diamond pushups work the chest a lot because the elbows flare out. Is it true?

    1. Yes and know. Mostly now for most people.

      The triceps will give up first no matter what.

  8. What! Leroy Colbert is not natural. Is this true?

  9. Youre talking a lot about predetermination / in germany its called 'kausalkette' and its a very philosophical thought. Many philosophs like kant have been busy thinking about free will and if it even exists.

    You really should read kants thoughts about free will and pre determination. I know its not something one can do in a hour but its worth reading different opinions ;)
    I dont like people just giving their opinion that consist only of one argument.
    I hope you understand what i mean.

    Anyways Im also thinking the same way as you but i think there is some kind of randomness somewhere, maybe in our moleculstructur or anything, there are endless things we dont understand yet.

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