Friday, April 18, 2014

Presenting - More Info On Training

For the last 8 weeks I've been posting less posts than usual and partially it's because I've been writing a new web-site that is dedicated specifically to training and nothing more. Many people find and spam every single post with off topic training questions. I don't mind that much because any comment is better than no comment. However, I decided to make a new site that will deal specifically with training. It's sort of ready and is called:

It will contain a lot of posts on steroids - who uses and who doesn't as well as training - how to do the exercises and other basic stuff. 

Don't worry, continues strong but I will still write mainly about philosophy related subjects. Here are some of the articles from that may be somewhat interesting to the average visitor of

# There will be a much longer collection of squat articles that will explain everything you need to know as a beginner.

# I wrote that after receiving an e-mail request. Hope it's helpful.

#A lot of people ask whether you can build muscle with bodyweight exercises.

#A lot of people ask how big can you get naturally. 

#This deals specifically with Layne Norton. It contains an in depth explanation of why he is not natural.

#Same thing with Jim Cordova.

Thanks for the support. I hope I've helped you a little.


  1. great man !!

  2. I knew you were behind that website! I just sent you an e-mail in regards to Quit Jones. Call him out!

  3. Been a visitor/reader for a while and love seeing someone speak the truth. No doubt it's an uphill battle to educate the mindless sheep (a la YouTube community or Will be fav'ing the new site and I hope it blows up in popularity!!

  4. i think jones is natty, just by the fact that he bulks and looks like shit for such a big part of the year. a guy on cruise can stay more shredded year round. he's got that black-guy genetics deal going on . his delts aint special and he doesnt have that dry chiseled look.

    1. I don't think he is natty. He has good genetics and probably uses just a little.

    2. "he's got that black-guy genetics"

      There's no such thing as "black guy genetics". That's an example of conformation bias at work. Every time some people see some big shredded athletic looking black guy they think "black guy genetics" conveniently forgetting all of the obese, ordinary looking or scrawny Manute Bol looking black guys that make up the bulk of the general population.

      There's also no such thing as biological race, the idea of "race" is largely a social construct not a biological one. (See the book Race and Reality if you are interested in the subject)

  5. its quite funny that you r writing on training assuming that you posted many times that you have achieved nothing at the gym xD

    1. It must be the same git who has just posted on the tren article.

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